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CKRule is a rule engine and scripting environment written entirely in Microsoft's .Net C# language by CKStudio in Foshan, China. Using CKRule, you can build .net software that enables organizational policies to be defined, deployed,monitored and maintained separately from core application code.

CKRule is small, light, and one of the fastest rule engines available. Its powerful scripting language gives you access to all of CSharp's APIs. CKRule includes a full-featured development environment.

Instead of using the Rete algorithm to process rules,CKRule uses the CSharp compiler to solve the the difficult many-to-many matching problem

CKRule has many unique features including decision tables,customer rule pool,rule set, and of course CKRule can directly manipulate .net objects. CKRule is also a powerful CSharp scripting environment, from which you can create CSharp objects, call .net methods, and implement .net interfaces.





We are now offering free licenses for CKRule, to any business or organisation to use for non-commercial purposes.
Do you want to use CKRule for a personal project, a school project or a non-profit organization? Then you don't need the author's permission, just go on and use CKRule.

> individual users who use the software for personal use (such as hobby, recreational, or educational purposes),
> students, faculty members, researches, administrators, support staff, and employees of a university when acting in this capacity,
> universities or other educational institutes, and non-profit organizations (such as public libraries, charities, and other organizations created for the promotion of social welfare).
Pure CSharp
CKRule is solely based on native .Net CSharp technologies and doesn't require client side plugins like Enterprise Library,IoC or Furthermore you only need to install .net framework on your server. CKRule needs only two dll files to run: The CKExpr.dll ,CKRule.dll.
Decision tables
Using a CKRule Decision Table you can create and use business rules in an easy to understand format that provides an alternative to the IF/THEN rule format. The Decision Table format is intuitive for business analysts who are familiar with spreadsheets. The formal structure that a Decision Table provides makes it easier to author, understand, and change multiple similar rules and lets software check for rule completeness and consistency.
Customer-Defined Rule Pool
This step allows your customers to enter User Defined Business Expressions as a basis for the calculation of new values or new rules
If you have a Customer rule like :
         products of the IBM Thinkpad430 , have a eighty percent discount.
Then you can simply enter the right side of the expression in the dialog:
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