CKRule Engine Overview
CKRule is a comprehensive engine for business rules management and complex event processing, enables organizational policies to be defined, deployed,monitored and maintained separately from core application code.
Organizations can incorporate sophisticated decision into applications and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change. 
CKRule lower application maintenance costs, facilitate more accurate and consistent business policy implementation accross applications.
Is Rule management right for your organization ? 
Is your organization is experiencing any of the follwing situationsyou have an opportunity to benefit by implementing rule management.
1. Frequent changes to business systems that require immediate attention and response.
2. Highly variable decisions that need to be automated in order to support your organization's business model and product/service offerings.
Why Use CKRule Engine ?
Key benefits:
* A repository, allowing decision logic to be externalized from core application code
* Tools, allowing both technical developers and business experts to define and manage decision logic
* A runtime environment, allowing applications to invoke decision logic managed within rule editor and execute it using CKRule engine
* Integrated Microsoft .Net Platform, enables developers to easily integrate rule-based applications with .Net CSharp code and external information systems.
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